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This study aimed to describe various data obtained regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of eprocurement
in the procurement of goods and services that are run by LPSE Padang. The analytical
method used is descriptive analysis provides a description or explanation of the procurement of goods
and services electronically (e-procurement), which is run by LPSE Padang by using primary data in the
form of data obtained directly from contractors, consultants, and working groups unit procurement services
(POKJA ULP) using a questionnaire to obtain necessary information. In this case the perception of the
parties directly involved with the implementation of e-procurement is needed to determine the extent to
which opinions, ratings, views, or their attitude towards the implementation of e-procurement in LPSE
Padang and secondary data such as figures include the value of HPS, the value of contract is, and list of
packages when the auction. The results showed that the implementation of e-procurement in Padang was
run efficiently in terms of cost and time. This is demonstrated which can save costs in a budget area of
Padang and the procurement of goods / services can be completed before the deadline specified from the
ULP. Besides e-procurement also increase the effectiveness with which the average value based on the
Likert scale that is based on the responses of the contractor, consultants and WG ULP approved eprocurement
to enhance transparency, accountability, and access to markets and competition with some
input in each variable.
Keywords : E-Procurement, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.

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