Emil Mahmud, Yetty Morelent .


ABSTRACT: Ibenzani Usman (1937-1995) was one of the art performers and at the same time
participated as a driving force for arts and cultural activities in West Sumatra in particular and in
Indonesia in general. The objectives to be achieved in writing this biographical figure are to find out at the
same time reveal both the life history and the work in the field of music and scientific writing. The source
of the writing was obtained by the interview method and was supplemented by the work of both the music
creation and scientific writing. the data obtained is then analyzed to be written into a biographical form.
Writing this biography is a combination of the life (biography) of a character that is his existence as a
music composer and his personal complexity. The emphasis of the main problem in the biography of this
figure is closely related to the framework of possibilities provided by the environment that surrounds it so
far. Writing this biography includes a family background, education, personal, and all its activities both
moving the arts and culture and creating songs as well as ideas about art. This writing is accompanied by
a kind of testimony, so that it is able to be traced about the process of the works produced and the life
experience of the character itself. In this connection, the writing of this biography enters the area around
the environment that surrounds the figure in the midst of the community. Ibenzani Usman then recognized
his existence as a composer, namely as a songwriter. Furthermore, his educational background supported
him to the highest level as a professor in the field of Fine Arts. Contributions to his work in the form of
music in the form of songs can be useful both for contests and other similar interests. He also contributed
a framework for thinking about art critically.
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